Practice Areas

“Please allow me to share briefly the areas of law that I practice. Legal advice in each is always valuable.

Traffic law can include infractions to misdemeanors. Implications from these matters impact your driver’s license and insurance. Care and attention needs to paid to each individual case.

DWI – Driving While Impaired is a serious charge with a maximum penalty for a single charge of three years in prison. A variety of factors impact each case including driving history and the facts of each particular case.  There are legal factors which could be found to grossly aggravate, aggravate, or mitigate each case.

Criminal law is a very broad area encompassing both misdemeanors and felonies. Charges can range from driving violations, drug matters, property crimes, and physical assaults against persons. Misdemeanors are charges whose punishment can result in probation, community service, or active sentences of 20 to 150 days.  Felonies are charges whose punishment can result in probation, deferred prosecution, or prison time. While most felonies have a less serve punishment risk, some could be as severe as life in prison or death.

Will drafting is a service I offer to assist citizens in planning for property disposition at their death. This includes both real and personal property.  Having a will is the only way to avoid the default provisions of the state deciding where property goes.”